Kathryn was born in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University for her undergraduate degree in Accounting, and then focused on furthering her education in Taxation.  She has worked for a wide variety of large companies in the New York metropolitan area in various tax positions that has included government auditing and "Big-4"accounting firms.  For the last several years, she has specialized in multi-state income and franchise tax serving various companies.  Although Kathryn always loved the tax work and the friendships made during the course of her jobs, she did not like the impersonal aspect of using her time and talent to serve unknown investors and other constituents.    

Road to Self-employment

In 2004, Kathryn formed a tax company with the dream of someday owning her own practice where she could partner with people in a culture of integrity and service.  For many years, this company sat inactive waiting for the right time for her to make the leap to self-employment. “Life” got in the way: changing personal residences, taking new jobs, and eventually becoming a mother.  Finally, in 2017 Kathryn decided the time was right to make the life changes that she always wanted to. She left her last corporate job and felt that New Jersey was not the place for her and her daughter to continue to call home.  Kathryn settled on relocating to western North Carolina after visiting the area, and shortly thereafter activated the tax business she formed thirteen years before.  

Personal Life

Since living in western NC, Kathryn has enjoyed home growing her tax practice and meeting a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds.  When not running her business, Kathryn enjoys spending quality time with her twelve year old daughter and their tiny Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix "Pinta".  One of their favorite things to do at home is to create an ambiance in the spirit of whichever season or holiday it is and enjoy family movie night.   Kathryn also has a great time exploring the natural beauty and culture of the area either alone, or with cherished family and friends.  

Professional Skills and Values

Kathryn started working at a very young age to earn spending money to provide for herself, which developed in her a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility and independence.  Kathryn is a strong believer in advocating for yourself in life, protecting what you work for, and she uses her understanding of human nature in strategic ways that facilitate justice and encourage empowerment. Her experience as both a tax auditor and a taxpayer representative enables her to understand the goals and limitations of both parties in a tax controversy, and she can advise clients accordingly.  Kathryn believes in direct personal service for her clients, and any employee work is closely supervised.  We seek to offer the highest technical quality of work without high overhead, which translates into reasonable fees.  


Take a look at Our Resume for more on Kathryn’s skills and experience, and feel free to contact her to chat with her about how she can help you.  In certain cases, paid initial consults are credited back to the client.  Tax return pricing estimates are always free ! 

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