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No need to pay a filing service to deal with your annual reports

Dear business owners,

Depending on the form of your business (LLC, Inc, etc.) you may need to file an annual report and pay a fee with the Secretary of State. The report is due March 15 or April 15, depending on your business form.

I've been approached by several clients that they have received a solicitation form that is very official looking, that offers to file this form for them, and the cost to do so is about $100.

Please note that the annual report form is very easy to do yourself, but of you are not comfortable handling it yourself, I can do this for you for $25. There is no reason to pay almost 4 times this amount to an unknown entity.

Let me know if you think you may have received one of these solicitations and you are interested in me handling it for you instead. Aside from the fee to pay someone to file the form for you ( or if you do it yourself), there is a fee that will have to go to the state regardless.

Do NOT pay this guy to file your annual report

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