Kathryn Bruns CPA has the following rapid list of skills, experience, and personal attributes that benefit her clients.  What ideas do any of these generate for you in the areas of tax, bookkeeping, accounting, state tax solutions, and personal affairs stewardship?

  • ​​She has worked for large corporations in a variety of industries as a CPA

  • She has assisted a family executor in dealing with a difficult family lawsuit

  • She is a Notary Public and has assisted with I-9 requirements in this capacity

  • She is a woman-owned-and-curated small business owner

  • She has tackled business operating agreements

  • She strategically facilitates justice in resolving legal/financial disputes

  • She has been a landlord involved with lease interpretations

  • She has been a tenant advocating for herself against corporate owners

  • She has negotiated funds in medical insurance disputes

  • She has negotiated funds in property insurance disputes

  • She has negotiated funds as plaintiff in lawsuit settlements

  • She has negotiated funds in disputes with inter-state movers

  • She has successfully resolved financial disputes with several other people and entities

  • She is passionate about her professional and personal values

  • She is responsive to clients, strategic, organized, and savvy 

  • She is empathetic, genuine, ethical, and resourceful 

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