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Beware of ERC "windfall" claims

Hi everyone, I have decided to do a piece on the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) since advertisers of companies that are offering to help taxpayers claim this, have even done radio and TV ads. Their marketing is stealth, and I imagine very alluring to some.

These companies make it seem like thousands of companies are leaving cash on the table that they are entitled to from the IRS. The IRS themselves have warned taxpayers about these aggressive promotors who are misrepresenting this credit, and are targeting these claims and companies for audit fraud, respectively.

Oftentimes, these types of companies prey on those who don't and can't understand complex tax rules, and tempt them with the promise of money that seems to good to be true. Note that such companies will often disappear if and when it comes time to defend their work upon audit.

If you go down the road of claiming this credit, please be sure to understand what you are signing off on; don't just blindly trust that the claims are legitimate. As the saying goes, if something seems too god to be true, it probably is indeed to good to be true. Ensure you do in fact meet the strict requirements to claim the credit, and remember that no outside company will be able to assert that you meet the requirements before they review your case. If you get swindled, you can end up in a worse position then before, paying back the funds plus penalties and interest.

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