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NC has created its own special "stimulus" check for certain taxpayers, but there's a little problem

You may have heard by now the certain NC taxpayers will receive a $335 check from the state, designed to help parents with pandemic difficulties.

Who is eligble?

  1. Those that were a NC resident for entire 2019 year AND

  2. Reported on the NC tax return, on line 10a, at least 1 qualifying child for which you received the federal child tax credit

The CPA community has noticed a problem with this provision, in that many tax softwares enter a "0" on line 10a of the NC tax return, if the taxpayer will not be getting a NC child tax deduction on line 10b due to their level of income. This "0" is there even when there were 1 or more children eligible for the federal child tax credit. Most tax preparers wouldn't bother to manually fix this because under "normal circumstances" it would have no impact.

So, clients and friends, if you fall into this problematic category, you're gong to want to find out what the fix will be to ensure you get this $335 grant if you are entitled to it. Ask your CPA provider to help you out with this, and do it soon, since there is a deadline to ensure you get this grant

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